What is Integral Coaching?

Woman’s Encore is an integral approach to coaching which means we touch on all aspects of you as a human being – your relationship to significant people, your environment, your physical self and your presence in the wider community. We explore an issue from a variety of perspectives – how you think about it, feel about it, and sense it physically –  to better understand where you are now and how you see yourself in the world. We work on developing new skills to help you better respond to the challenges you are having in your life.

How is coaching different from therapy? Psychotherapy is generally based on a medical model and focuses on the past, healing old wounds and dealing with personal problems that need to be analyzed and solved. Coaching is about helping you look forward so you can expand your options, open new possibilities for your life and take action. Life coaching is not about fixing a problem but about cultivating the skills and talents you already possess to help you live your life fully and joyfully.

What is my role in our coaching relationship? My role is to be your confidante and your champion. I am committed to listening deeply and guiding our conversations but the topics and content of our sessions will be directed by you. I will be making recommendations for practices and self-reflection that I feel will help you gain clarity and a greater understanding of your current way of being in the world.

What is your role in our coaching relationship?  Your role is to work in collaboration with me to help you nurture your strengths and enhance your capacity to live a fulfilling and joyful life. To do this you will need to commit your time, be willing to share your feelings with me on-going, try new practices and alert me to discoveries and challenges as they occur.