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Download Across Ages 2016 Logic Model

Manuals (all available for download)

Across Ages Evaluation Methodology

Across Ages Fidelity Instrument

The Wisdom of Age:  A Guide for Staff

The Wisdom of Age:  A Handbook for Mentors

Across Ages Program Development Manual (Available 2/1/17)


Training is ESSENTIAL to a successful replication of the Across Ages model. Fidelity to the model is important in order for the program to demonstrate positive outcomes for young people. Mentoring requires knowledge and skill in recruiting qualified, committed mentors and sustaining effective mentor-youth relationships.  The training, conducted at your site, is interactive and experiential and includes supplemental materials that are not available on-line.  View the Across Ages training agenda.

To make the training cost effective, sites are encouraged to include up to 20 participants.  Site staff, potential mentors, community partners and other stakeholders can all be invited to attend.

Costs Include:

Across Ages Training  1.5 days @$1500/day = $2250
Follow Up Technical Assistance:  Skype, phone or webinar $50/hr.
Travel and per diem to your site (location dependent)